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Using Uber's started vertica-python package?

rjs_docsrjs_docs Employee
edited April 2020 in General Discussion

Can you provide some context for discarding the in-house vertica-db-client in favor of Uber's started vertica-python package?

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  • twalltwall Employee

    We wrote about this a bit back when the open source work was announced:

    Basically, 2 years ago we looked at the two of them and vertica-python seemed like the better long term solution, since it aligned with several overlapping goals. The older vertica-db-client was pretty basic, and its architecture made it it less portable (didn't support python3, pypy, windows, etc.), and more difficult to open source (it relied on some close-source ODBC components). We felt it made the most sense to focus our efforts on vertica-python so we could build a better python experience in a more portable & open fashion.

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