Creating a stored procedure returning multiple rows

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Is Vertica going to develop something like stored procedures and/or macros, that will contain SQL, returning multiple rows?

Asked during BDC session The Shortest Path to Vertica - Best Practices for Data Warehouse Migration & ETL
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  • marcothesanemarcothesane - Select Field - Administrator

    Hi Drea -
    I think that the stored procedure returning table is a concept from other DBMSs invented to ease the life of their users for use cases that don't apply to Vertica.
    It's very much the St. Bernard of my part of the presentation . We do have the elevator.
    If really needed, there is the User Defined Transform extension, which can be called from within a SELECT, reads 0 to m rows, and creates a different number of output rows, which runs pretty efficiently and fits perfectly into the Vertica query engine.

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