How do S3 issues affect an Eon Mode database

What happens with EON if AWS S3 gets slow or faces small interruptions like limit of API calls?
Will it be able to answer queries from depot?
Will it be able to accept writes?

Question asked at the 2020 Big Data Conference presentation Sizing and Configuring Vertica in Eon Mode for Different Use Cases given by @skeswani and @skamat .


  • asaeidiasaeidi - Select Field - Employee

    We have an aggressive retry logic in place for those cases. In fact, there is nothing more than that a client can do (i.e. Vertica nodes in this case). The files that are in the depot will be read from there, so there is no S3 interactions needed. The writes will block until either 1) they finish writing after many retries (up to 50 times by default) or 2) they fail after the retries.

  • swalkausswalkaus Vertica Employee Employee

    A depot that comfortably fits the working data set can help improve performance. Of course, loads must write files to S3.

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