Using MC to add Eon subcluster nodes with different instance type

mcartermcarter Vertica Customer

Is there a way to use Management Console to add new instances to an Eon cluster, but with an instance type different from the primary subcluster? I want to have subclusters with different instance types to isolate workloads, and manage compute costs. E.g.

  • default subcluster (primary): Three r5.4xlarge instances
  • analytics subcluster (secondary): Three r5.8xlarge instances

When I try to add instances to the cluster through MC it does not give me option to select a different instance type from default subcluster (option is greyed out). Reviewing documentation makes me think I will have to go through laborious process of adding instances manually from EC2 console with an AMI then adding them to the cluster as a new subcluster (via admintools). I feel like MC should be able to streamline this, maybe I missed something.
Vertica Eon 9.3.1-3
MC 9.3.1-2



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