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COPY data from S3 using IAM_ROLE

rkg112rkg112 Vertica Customer

Hi, I had an IAM_ROLE setup where it has access to S3. I am testing the COPY command from my local vagrant image where Vertica is running. I want to connect to S3 via IAM_ROLE instead of setting up the AWS_AUTH and session tokens. I tried this on Redshift using the IAM_ROLE to copy files from s3 to Redshift. It worked. But I can't found proper documentation to use IAM_ROLE with COPY command. Is there any solution for this?

dbadmin=> COPY power FROM 's3://test/' ON ANY NODE IAM_ROLE='arn:aws:iam::xxxxxx:role/vertica_s3' PARQUET;
ERROR 4856: Syntax error at or near "IAM_ROLE" at character 55
LINE 1: ... power FROM 's3://test/' ON ANY NODE IAM_ROLE='...


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