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vkconfig, warning in stream_events table

xtrimfxtrimf Vertica Customer

When launching 'vkconfig launch --conf file.conf &'
In the stream_events table I get 3 info lines and one warning line:

  • New leader registered for schema job_scheduler. New ID: 0, new Host:
  • Received configuration details; frame duration: 120000, refresh interval: 300000, resource pool: sched_pool, new topic policy: FAIR, pushback policy: LINEAR, pushback max count: 5
  • Received configuration details; planned concurrency: 2, max concurrency: 0. Setting lane count: 2
  • No batches found (the warning line)

In the "stream_microbatches" I do have an entry.
I followd this article
any suggestions?



  • xtrimfxtrimf Vertica Customer

    Found out that the the mapping between microbatch and source was missing in the "stream_microbatch_source_map"

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