Vertica 5 documentation

cocococo Community Edition User

I'll looking for Vertica 5 documentation, pls tell me if it can be found available


  • You do realize version 5 is like 7+ years old, right? Is it possible to upgrade it? I don't think the version 5 documentation is available via a link externally. I suspect it still exists internally, somewhere. You'd have to create a support request in order to have someone send that to you.

  • cocococo Community Edition User

    Thanks, it will be great

  • cocococo Community Edition User

    unfortunately at the moment there isn't the possibility to upgrade the old version

  • Who do you work for? Why are you unable to upgrade your existing database?

  • cocococo Community Edition User

    sorry, it is confidential

  • LenoyJLenoyJ - Select Field - Employee

    Like @Vertica_Curtis said, please raise a support case for this.

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