Inserting into Empty Table after Running analyze_statistics Creates a Corrupted File

AmakshAmaksh Vertica Employee Employee

Issue and solution from @Hibiki

When analyze_statistics is executed after creating a new table and inserting data into the table, the following error is displayed:

ERROR: FileColumnReader: block /mnt/ebs/vertica/verticadb/v_verticadb_node0004_data/679/ @ 262979 's CRC af1e33af858ce01a

The issue occurred in an environment virtualized by KVM but there was no impact to upgrade the kernel on the guest OS. The cause for this issue we assume is that, the storage does not send back the bits that Vertica wrote to it and instead sends zeros.

The issue was resolved after the kernel was upgraded to 5.4.x on the host. Kernel version 4.19.x has this issue and it has already been fixed in 5.4.x.

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