copycluster from RAID10 to No RAID setup

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What all considerations required to copy cluster with RAID10 configuration to configuration without RAID.
Source as RAID10 Copycluster destination with NO RAID



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    LenoyJLenoyJ - Select Field - Employee

    vbr does not really care what the RAID configuration you have set up at either source or target. So yes, it'll work - vbr will simply copy the cluster as long as you have sufficient disk space in target nodes and target is identically configured as source (number of nodes, database name, catalog/data directories etc - see full list in the section "Configuring the Target Cluster" here).
    BUT a Vertica cluster (in this case, your target cluster) without any RAID has potential disk failure and performance pitfalls, see this blog post for info: https://www.vertica.com/kb/RAID-Storage-for-Vertica/Content/Hardware/RAID-Storage-for-Vertica.htm

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