Trouble installing ODBC on Windows client

mpompo Vertica Customer

I downloaded windows client drivers for version 10.0.x and try to install it.
Unfortunately I get message from windows security
"Windows protected your PC"
Application not recognized. PC at risk, bla, bla, bla.

Then I downloaded version 9.3 and installation went smoothly.
As this is corporate laptop managed remotely, I can not change local security settings.
Could you advise how to install drivers for 10.0 as smooth as 9.3?
Or I can just use 9.3 drivers to connect to vertica 10.0?



  • HemanthrahulHemanthrahul Vertica Employee Employee
    edited July 2020

    Can you give us more information regarding the version of windows platform you have encountered this error and also the steps that led to this error?
    And yes you can use 9.3 driver to connect to Vertica 10.

  • mpompo Vertica Customer

    I just downloaded 10.0.x drivers from vertica page:
    Run freshly fetched exe file and got security popup.

    My system is:
    Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit
    Version 1709
    OS Build 16299.492

    Hardware (if important): Intel i7, 32GB RAM.
    Let me know if you need more details.


  • HemanthrahulHemanthrahul Vertica Employee Employee

    This will not be an issue as this a valid application. We will fix it for further release. For installing the Vertica 10.0.0 driver, run the downloaded executable file and if you can click on the more info link a "Run anyway" button will appear. You can go forward from there.


  • mpompo Vertica Customer

    As I wrote, security settings are set to rather paranoid level and I can not change them. I don't have "Run anyway" button.
    I installed drivers in version 9.3 and it works with Vertica 10.

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