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JosephJoseph Vertica Customer

We're replicating some schemas to another (standby) cluster.
I'm really just wanting to monitor what is actually being replicated.
So basically it's nice to be able to see what is actually being replicated within the schemas maybe with knowing the last replicated epoch there should be a query to be able to work out what has changed since that epoch..... which should then give the result ..... I suppose the nicer thing about the query is that it would be predictive ....
If you have some insight into a query that would be good.



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    JosephJoseph Vertica Customer

    Thanks I'd previously found REMOTE_REPLICATION_STATUS..... this give the replicated_epoch and the current_epoch for example here is are the results
    2020-07-28 13:27:47+01
    (1 row)

    but looking at the output from vbr command I see ......

    Snapshotting the source database.
    Snapshot complete.
    Copying catalog snapshot from source to destination.
    Preparing destination database for replicating objects.
    Prep complete, start syncing files.
    Approximate bytes to copy: 267765680544 of 1538277261507 total.
    [====..............................................] 9%

    so what I'd like to know (or even be able to look at in advance) is what is making up the 267765680544 bytes that it mentions - this equates to approx 250GB
    the vbr log itself - this doesn't seem very informative ..... but whilst vbr is running there is a directory with _to_copy.manifest when this then contains the sal_storage_id ...... so using this I can sort of work out what is being copied .... but is there no way that I can work this out using the epochs and a straightforward query maybe ?

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