Dropping partitions

I facing a problem where my partition for tables are inactive i have set activepartitioncount=2 at my DB but still seeing the old partition for all nodes, ideally it should be current and last month partition keys. how can i dropped the old partition and set new partition key automatically also if there is any impact on dropping the old partition.
v_ossa_node0001 201904 0 1
v_ossa_node0001 201903 0 1
v_ossa_node0001 201905 0 1
v_ossa_node0001 201904 0 1
v_ossa_node0002 201905 0 1
v_ossa_node0002 201903 0 1
v_ossa_node0002 201903 0 1
v_ossa_node0002 201904 0 1
v_ossa_node0003 201903 0 1
v_ossa_node0003 201904 0 1


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    marcothesanemarcothesane - Select Field - Administrator

    Can you share the output of the command: SELECT EXPORT_OBJECTS('','<your_schema>.<your_table>',FALSE); ?
    Based on that, I can put together the right command.
    Your output shows : the node name, probably the year-month value of the date that determines the partition, a '0' that I don't know where it comes from , and a '1' that I don't know where it comes from .
    Can you elabourate?

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