Vertica-Spark connector: ipMap option

I'm trying to read data from Vertica into Spark using the Vertica-Spark connector using the following format:"com.vertica.spark.datasource.DefaultSource").options(opts).load()

Problem is that it can't reach the private IPs that Vertica returns and then I found out about the "ipMap" param that allows me exactly to do the needed mapping to reach the public IPs.
I only saw this could be used when using the create() function but in the following post I saw that somebody actually used it inside the "opts" parameter which would solve my problem.

Does anybody here know in which String format I could do this? ("opts" must be Map[String, String])
Or if the example in the post is impossible and the only way for me to use ipMap is using the create() method?

Thanks a lot!

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