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Is it possible to get a recommended DDL by submitting query transaction_id?

HyeontaeJuHyeontaeJu Vertica Customer

Is it possible to get a recommended DDL by submitting query transaction_id?


  • moshegmosheg Vertica Employee Administrator
    edited September 2020

    Please elaborate, DDL for what?
    For example, to see the query itself do:
    SELECT request FROM v_monitor.query_requests WHERE transaction_id=45035996273704967 AND statement_id=1;
    To see the create table DDL for a specific table (and its projections) from the query:
    SELECT EXPORT_OBJECTS('New_file_name_for_the_DDL_output','schema_name.table_name','true');

  • marcothesanemarcothesane - Select Field - Administrator

    If you mean to detect a DDL for a not yet existing table that would match a given SELECT, then no.
    Workaround is:

    • run a CREATE TABLE throw_me_away AS SELECT * FROM (<your fullselect) foo WHERE FALSE; . Then, run SELECT EXPORT_OBJECTS('','throw_me_away',FALSE) to get the DDL, and finally, DROP TABLE throw_me_away; .
  • HyeontaeJuHyeontaeJu Vertica Customer

    @mosheg I mean DDL for create projection

  • LenoyJLenoyJ - Select Field - Employee
    edited September 2020

    If you mean using Database Designer, then something like:

    --Create a Design
    --Set DBD to generate projections incrementally (and not drop any existing projections)
    --Set Design K-Safety
    --Set DBD to optimize for Query Performance
    --Set DBD to not provide Replicated Projections (change this according to your usecase)
    --Add your schema/tables here:
    SELECT DESIGNER_ADD_DESIGN_TABLES('design1', 'public.*','false');
    --Put the Transaction ID of your query here
    SELECT DESIGNER_ADD_DESIGN_QUERIES_FROM_RESULTS ('design1', 'SELECT request as query_text FROM query_requests where transaction_id = 49539595901123186;');
    --Run DBD & generate Scripts. The following does not deploy the scripts.
    SELECT DESIGNER_RUN_POPULATE_DESIGN_AND_DEPLOY ( 'design1',  '/tmp/design1_projections.sql', '/tmp/design1_deploy.sql', 'true', 'false', 'false', 'false' );
    --Wait for DBD to complete
    --View the script with the Projection DDL:

    Provided that query_requests system table still has the transaction id (this is based on your retention policy)
    Refer the following doc for details on each of the above functions:

  • HyeontaeJuHyeontaeJu Vertica Customer
    edited September 2020

    @LenoyJ The error message occured.. "Design type INCREMENT is invalid" when i was using the query SELECT DESIGNER_SET_DESIGN_TYPE('design1','INCREMENTAL');

  • LenoyJLenoyJ - Select Field - Employee

    Works fine for me:

    Make sure it's "INCREMENTAL", not "INCREMENT"

  • HyeontaeJuHyeontaeJu Vertica Customer

    @LenoyJ OMG .. Thank you very much

  • HyeontaeJuHyeontaeJu Vertica Customer

    @LenoyJ then do i need to create sql file( design1_projections.sql, design1_deploy.sql)for this script??
    SELECT DESIGNER_RUN_POPULATE_DESIGN_AND_DEPLOY ( 'design1', '/tmp/design1_projections.sql', '/tmp/design1_deploy.sql', 'true', 'false', 'false', 'false' );

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