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Restore Object from full backup does not work

smasma Vertica Customer

Hi Vertica Community,
I am trying to restore a table, which has few "set default" columns, but it does not let me restore. It returns the below message, so I removed the "set default" by using the below alter table command (followed the hint provided by the return message) then tried again, but it still not working.
Can someone please help, I accidentally deleted some data, need to restore it back.
fyi - I am able to restore some other tables, but just not this table which has "set default".

----------return message--------------------
[dbadmin@XXXXXX-node3 backups]$ vbr -t restore -c full_backup.ini --restore-objects=prd.table
Starting object restore of database DATABASE_XXX.
Restoring from restore point: full_backup_20201103_050005
Participating nodes: v_skypad_node0001,v_skypad_node0002,v_skypad_node0003,v_skypad_node0004.
Loading snapshot catalog from backup.
Objects to restore: prd.table
Preprocessing snapshot...
While preprocessing catalog: vertica-extract-snapshot failed:Table prd.dates2 is referenced by prd.table in a SET USING or DEFAULT expression, but is not included in the snapshot. HINT: Back up the tables together, or alter table removing SET USING/DEFAULT on attributes
Error: Preprocessing catalog failed.
Restore FAILED.


Best Answer

  • smasma Vertica Customer
    Answer ✓

    The prd.table has been restored by restoring it together with the table that has the SET DEFAULT relationship with.
    In this case:
    vbr -t restore -c full_backup.ini --restore-objects='prd.table,prd.dates2'

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