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Bug in MIN function

edited November 2020 in General Discussion

We have a very large table (7T rows) with time series data, with ts_date indicating the date associated with the recorded events.
When running the query below returning 2020-01-04 as the earliest day:

SELECT min(ts_date) FROM mlog.f_event_log;

However, when running a query with a filter, I am getting a lower number!

SELECT MIN(ts_date) FROM mlog.f_event_log WHERE s3_bucket_date ='2019-01-01';

Updating statistics now, but this seem like a massive bug in the system. Running v9.2.1-6
Has anybody seen this bug? Any suggestion how to see if this is a know issue?
Thanks for any tips / suggestion!

Best Answer

  • atomixatomix
    Answer ✓

    Just realized the issue. I am using DBeaver as a SQL client, but VSQL getting a correct answer with BC!

    dbadmin=> SELECT min(ts_date) FROM mlog.f_event_log;
     2020-01-04 BC

    So the issue is DBeaver leaves BC out!


  • LenoyJLenoyJ - Select Field - Employee

    Two different tables seem to be referenced? mlog.f_event vs mlog.f_event_log

  • atomixatomix
    edited November 2020

    Sorry, my typo, querying the same table. Fixed the typo now.

  • And this query is even crazier:

    SELECT MIN(ts_date) FROM mlog.f_event_log WHERE ts_date < '2019-10-01';
  • Thanks for your help Lenoy!

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