Is there a better way to export data from a very big vertica table to flatfile?

I'm trying to export data from vertica table(of size 50Gb, no.of rows 500mln, no. of fields 82) to a flatfile(pipe delimited) using vsql without column headers, it has been running for more than 3 hours now and exported 200mln out of 500mln.
We've even more bigger tables( eg: of size >1Tb , >3bln rows, #of fields >50) to unload data from vertica table to flatfile. Wondering if there is a better way to export such huge data from a table to flatfile? Please help
Code Snippet i'm using:
vsql -At -h VERT_SERVER -U UNAME -w PWD -d DB <&1
\o /file_path/file_name.dat

SELECT C1,C2,C3,C4,C5,,,,,,C82 from table_500mln;



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