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As long as I knew, I wanted to make an upgrade from my oldest 7.1 version to newer 10.0.1, but reviewing all doc, i found that's impossible unless you make the way through all versions. So, tried to download all those oldie versions, but on community I just could get the newest one, so... Try to backup it all and reinstall? Well, thats what I though.

I had make my day using the vbr util to backup database... uninstall completely the management console, the python modules, the Vertica database itseft (deleting also the configuration directory for a fresh install); installed the 10.0.1 version with dependencies, recreated the database with only one difference I cant change from the older version: the IP, it gives me the machine one, cant change to the older; then, when I try to restore the database with vbr with same conf file I used, with same paths, etc. It says me:
Starting object restore of database .
Error: No restore points found in backup for snapshot vertica-backup.

Looking at back/restore docs, I have seen that I cant migrate a backup to another version; it just can restore same version, but can't get back the older version of Vertica (I have just uninstalled it, remember?); I don't know if this is about database id, but I only wanna get back my public schema objects (only tables) with their data inside (about 6.9 Gb). Tried so execute the --restore-objects=public command, no luck on it so... Any advice on how to archieve this?

Thank you so much in advance.


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