Anyways to know the user password ?

SK21SK21 Vertica Customer

Is their anyway to know the password of a user in vertica who has forgotten and doesn't wants it to
change. Looked at the passwords system table but it has in encrypted format.


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    Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely - Select Field - Administrator

    The password is not stored anywhere in the database in plain text. What you see in the database is a one way hash value generated by either the MD5 or SHA512 security algorithm.

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    DaveTDaveT Vertica Employee Employee

    An administrator can alter the user to supply a new temporary password and also use PASSWORD EXPIRE so the user will be forced to immediately reset it.

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    SK21SK21 Vertica Customer

    @Jim_Knicely yes it seems like in md5 format. See the output of password auditor attached.
    I tried many internet tools to convert md5 to plain text but got no luck.
    Any ways to do that?

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