How does Vertica compare to Snowflake?

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What use cases to Vertica by the Hour or ElasticDW?


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    ElasticDW is Ful360's managed service of Vertica. So, it is Vertica.
    Vertica and Snowflake are comparable in a number of ways, and quite different in others. Snowflake is a complete managed service, so you're completely hands off on the back-end stuff. Snowflake is also cloud-only and doesn't provide any sort of on-premise capabilities. For run-of-the-mill dashboards and reporting, Snowflake is not a bad choice. But if you're serious about data and analytics, and machine learning, or have a use-case that scales into the petabyte range, Vertica is really the only viable option. Some clients require an on-premise solution, or a solution that can be embedded easily into their own application. So, products like Snowflake or Redshift don't play in that space.
    In tests we've done, independent tests, and tests that our clients have done, Vertica beats Snowflake in performance, and easily beats them on cost. With Vertica, you also get a lot of platform flexibility about where and how you want to run it, as well as complete control over your own environment. All we can ask is a seat at the table in order to demonstrate our value.

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    Great blog to read about Snowflake vs Vertica [ Offerings & Internal Implementations ]

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