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How to export Vertica query to a CSV file by using command line (CMD) in header format?

Hey folks!

I've problem here, i'm using a batch file where makes me able to export data from a table In Vertica Data base remotely. It works, but somehow the CSV file has a strange format like this:

I mean it has $ sign at the end and single quotes instead headers, here is my command lines code:

set VSQL_USER=user
set VSQL_PASSWORD=password
set VSQL_HOST=host
set VSQL_DATABASE=databasename
vsql -F $',' -At -o C:\Users\geradiaz.MODELO\Desktop\Icaro\Ventas\Output_Azure\sample_table_output.csv -c " select * from ModeloBI.CORP.ventas limit 10;"

Do you know guys, how to change the format to header command? something like (format csv,header) in postgreSQL

thanks for your time.


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