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Can someone that is not the one that initiated vbr's backup or restore command see the progress of backup or restore actions that are currently running? Can the progress be seen from Vertica system tables or from OS?

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    By default only database administrator can access the logs.
    Vbr logs are stored on node where vbr was kicked off, by default, /tmp/vbr, or in another directory as defined in tha backup ini file.
    Here are other log options:
    tail -f catalog-path/database-name/node-name_catalog/vertica.log
    select * from v_monitor.database_backups; -- Lists historical information for each backup that successfully completed after running the vbr utility.
    select * from v_internal.dc_backups; -- to monitor successful backups and copy cluster operations
    select * from v_internal.dc_object_backups; -- to monitor successful object level restores
    select * from dc_vbr_invocations;
    select * from V_MONITOR.TABLE_RECOVERY_STATUS; -- View general information about a recovery
    select * from V_MONITOR.TABLE_RECOVERIES; -- detailed information about the status of the recovery the table being restored

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