Best strategy for OS upgradation?

SK21SK21 Vertica Customer
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We want to upgrade OS of our 24 node cluster by replicating it to different servers with robust disks updated OS.
Os team suggested since the new disks are much robust then the current ones , so we should replicate this 24 node cluster to a 15 node cluster. We have around 10k objects and 20 TB data to replicate.

What can be the best strategy to follow from docs?

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    SK21SK21 Vertica Customer
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    Yeah @Nimmi_gupta saw that one earlier.....i guess it not that handy when replicating 10K plus tables.....I mean export...import

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    Nimmi_guptaNimmi_gupta - Select Field - Employee
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    In that case only option would be remove the node from 24 node cluster and bring it down to 15 and do the copycluster.


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