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Problem with FJSONParser

jsipekjsipek Vertica Customer

Hi, I am using copy local with FJSONParser to import data.
The problem is, when the JSON consists of escaped unicode letters like \u00e1 (in database stored as 0xDCC3], The import is mangled.
I tried to import the same file using Unix ODBC in Linux, in Windows via JDBC, Python in Linux, vsql directly on one of the nodes (locale set to en_US.UTF-8 on all nodes). I always get the same result. An ideas what may be wrong.
Thank You for help.


  • jsipekjsipek Vertica Customer

    Problem solved. The field was to short, therefore truncation occurred and data got mangled. Surprising was, that copy did not abort (ENFORCELENGTH ABORT ON ERROR).

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