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JDBC pools for dashboard sessions

kfruchtmankfruchtman Vertica Customer

Hi All!
Jdbc pools question:
How do I control the JDBC pools that are connected to my dashboard? How do I control it and don't let it be overloaded so the system can continue working at the best performance all the time?
I read in the documentation -
In Application Configuration section:
"Use JDBC connection pools to reduce the overhead of repeatedly opening network connections between the client and the server. Opening a new connection for each request takes time and is costly. When a request comes in, Vertica assigns the request to a pre-existing connection in the pool. If there are no free connections, Vertica creates a new connection. When the request completes, the connection returns to the pool, awaiting another request. Using JDBC connection pools eliminates the time it takes to authenticate a connection every time a new request is made. This lowers the latency of the query because it reduces the amount of time it takes to connect"

How do I do that exactly ? I was looking in the documentation but it was not clear enough....

Thank you so much for helping me!


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