Vertica Integration with oracle fusion cloud.

SK21SK21 Vertica Customer


We have a requirement to integrate vertica enterprise mode 9.1 with Oracle Fusion Cloud.
From oracle side we got to know their is no feature/adapter to do so right now and they might consider
it as a enhancement for future releases.

If their any other way/approach to achieve this integration?


  • moshegmosheg Vertica Employee Administrator
    edited July 2021

    One of the new exciting features available from Vertica 10.1 is the ability to query another database from Vertica and achieve an order of magnitude faster results than other DB, using Vertica's Partition pruning and predicate pushdown.
    This new scale of performance can be obtained via two components:
    The new ODBC LOADER UDL written by Maurizio Felici and the new changes made by Vertica RnD in Vertica v10.1
    It can be obtained from the Vertica Extension Packages GitHub Loader Page here:

  • SK21SK21 Vertica Customer

    Thanks @mosheg Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications is the connected SaaS suite,,,any documented way for the integration in vertica 9.1 or higher.

  • siddyashsiddyash Vertica Employee Employee

    Question? Is there a particular Fusion application/product that you are looking to connect with Vertica? Because we have integration with few of the product like ODI and OGG and we have published the integration document on our website.
    1. ODI-
    Please let me know which product that you are looking for.

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