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Some Useful Sewing Tools for New Sewists

Sewing is an exciting craft to take up! If you’re new to this, first find yourself the best sewing machine for beginners making clothes. Next, you’re going to need some tools to start sewing. Below we inform you of the most basic ones for new sewists. Check it out!

Fabric Cutting Shears

Bent-handled fabric cutting shears, also known as dressmaking shears, are the must-have tool in your sewing kit. The bent handle of these scissors will let the lower blade slide along the flat cutting surface.

Fabric shears come in 8″ length or longer and can be used for both left-handed and right-handed. The long blade helps you cut the fabric with a single cutting stroke, so pick the longest one that fits most comfortably in your hand.

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Thread Snips

These are pair of small, pointed scissors with the length of 3″ to 3,5″ which come in handy for small cutting jobs. You can keep them close on your work area to nip threads, cut stitches, and open buttonholes. Don’t use these scissors to cut paper or anything else besides sewing tasks as they will dull.

Do you know what else should be on your working area? It is a good sewing machine for beginners, right?

Clear Ruler

You should buy yourself a 6″ x 24″ clear ruler to use with your 36″ x 24″ mat. The ruler helps you create long, straight cuts and also handy in measuring. Do store your ruler either in a supported-flat position or hanging against a wall. Try not to drop the ruler as it may crack, or placing anything on top that may make the numbers and marking on it be scratched off.

Tape Measure

A 60″ flexible tape measure is essential in your sewing project. You use it to measure around curves and take body measurements. The tape has 2 sides, one is marked in inches, and the other is in metric. Make sure that the tape measure you choose has metal ends, is sturdy, and will not stretch.

Glass Head Sewing Pins

There are various shapes, sizes, and types of sewing pins! The simple glass head pin is perfect for people who are new to sewing. These pins have an average length, a sharp point, and glass heads that will not melt if you accidentally forget to remove them before ironing your project.

With most types of fabric such as woven cotton, cotton blends, denim, fleece,… these pins work really well. When you don’t use your pins, store them in a container or pincushion to keep them sharp and clean.


Thimbles come in many shapes and sizes, can be made from hard plastic, metal, soft leather or rubber. For time-consuming projects, these will help protect your finger from continually pushing the needle through the fabric.

Above are some essential tools that you must have in your sewing kit. Before taking up this craft, make sure you purchase all of them and also the best sewing machine for beginners. Good luck!


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