GIS connectivity and spatial data interaction

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I wanted to know about plans to further advance GIS connectivity and spatial data loads.
Yes, there is 'Load from shapefile', and 'Load using Copy', but shapefiles have a 2 gig limit, and 'Load using Copy'/STV_ShpCreateTable etc. is rather clunky. Spatial data formats these days also comprise geodabases and geopackages, and the use of ogr2ogr doesn't offer a direct connection apart from odbc.
This makes it still quite unattractive to load and work with spatial data, and therefore use vertica as a spatial database.
Also, it would be great to see better connectivity to common GIS systems (e.g. Qgis, Esri/ArcGis, etc). I have managed to use odbc with/in Qgis - however, the spatial side of it still falls short. Vertica offers all the ogc geopspatial functionalities, and great geo-processing/spatial analysis potentials, but it's a pity that spatial data ingestion as well as integration with the big word of GIS out there is still lacking. I guess, a workaround could be using verticapy, however, a smooth MIS/GIS integration would be much better.
The postgres/postgis - Qgis connectivity and it's smooth interaction with Qgis DB Manager is a great example of system integration.
Vertica offers integrating spatial analysis with big data analysis - but I feel esp. the research community requires more intuitive ways regarding (spatial) data loads and potential visualisation options of analytical results. It would be great to see further advancement on this.

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