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Ijoy belong to the cheap however well built category of massage chairs. You need to sacrifice quite a few first-class-to-have capabilities while you purchase cheaply, however an ijoy does include plenty greater capabilities than you might have first thought. Here are some opinions of what you do and do not get whilst you buy an ijoy robotic chair.

The ijoy a hundred massage chair is the cheapest model to be had.

It is quite small but can accommodate taller people thoroughly - the seat is 19" deep and 18" extensive and it's miles approximately thirteen" from the floor. Ghế massage toàn thân does have loads of positives. First is the rate. Most can have the funds for one and it does provide right massages and now not the vibrating types on some cheap fashions. It comes in faux suede that appears pretty appealing. This brings us to the all crucial massage modes.


With the ijoy 100 robot chair you get 4; kneading, compression, percussion, rolling and these are administered via 3 applications: full lower back, upper again, lower back and there may be additionally a guide option so that you can target a certain part of the body - now not horrific for a chair at this rate. But, there are some regions it does fall brief. The chair has no warmness despite the fact that heat is to be had on different manufacturers for the identical rate. The recline is guide with a maximum of one hundred fifty five levels but that is what you would assume on this price class. But, the largest criticism is that there's no foot rest or massager.

You could buy the massage chair one at a time, but if you add up the rate of the chair and the ottoman and throw in another 100 dollars, you can purchase a chair with a footrest this is also a higher chair. The ijoy a hundred thirty is a little more highly-priced. Really it's pretty lots the identical chair, best it is a touch bigger. The ijoy 173 is styled a little otherwise, is greater nevertheless and is a bit greater highly-priced. In my opinion, ghế massage giá rẻ out of the three cited to date, the 100 is the great on offer.

The ijoy 300 is the most expensive of the chairs available and, at time or writing, retails for round $1,000. Not like the alternative fashions, the manipulate unit isn't constructed into the arm; as an alternative it tucks away at the facet of the armrest. The chair comes in fake calk skin and might be the most elegant of the chairs. However, why anyone could purchase this chair is beyond me. It doesn't include a built-in massage chair - you have to pay around another $250 for the separate ottoman. There are nonetheless best 4 rub down 4 modes and no heating.

When you evaluate it to the fujikura one thousand rub down chair (currently retails for round $1,2 hundred) its shortcomings are all too obvious. The fujikura comes with a massage chair (the calf relaxation comes with 14 air bags giving four air-rub down mixtures with 2 depth stages. The foot rest comes with 12 airbags, and presents four modes of rub down). The footrest also comes with warmness. And if that doesn't galvanize enough the fujikura one thousand chair comes with extra rollers (8 in preference to four) and more massage modes; rolling, kneading, shiatsu results, compression & percussion, chop motion and flapping. Read more: Haruko - Thương hiệu chăm sóc sức khỏe hàng đầu Việt Nam


The listing of extra features goes on and genuinely highlights the shortcomings of the ijoy three hundred. An ijoy massage chair is for those on a price range or who need a small chair (minus massage chair). Of the models discussed, the model that gives the exceptional cost for money is the one hundred. If you have a $1,000 or greater to spend on a robotic rub down chair, do yourself a favor and test the fujikura instead.


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    @gheharukoh7 - Thanks for the heads up! I did find an older Jira where the doc should have been fixed, but I see the issue still exists in current doc... so I created a new Jira to get it fixed! Thanks!

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