Question regarding vertica hard link backup

raulk89raulk89 Community Edition User
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Vertica 11.0.1

What happens when I create hardlink local backup and data is changed in a database. Due to that, basically some database files are changed/modified.

But doesn't this change the file for hardlink backup also..?

For example.

  1. I create hardlink local backup named "hb1"
  2. Update 100 rows in a table and commit
  3. Due to P2, the specific file (let's say inode=100) has been modified.
  4. Hardlink local backup "hb1" now basically contains data for inode=100 from P3

How can I restore my database back to P1 ( I mean how does it work) ?



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    raulk89raulk89 Community Edition User

    I tried it.

    1. Created hardlink local backup b1
    2. Created table1, inserted 1 row and commit
    3. Created hardlink local backup b2
    4. I stopped database and restored archive b1
    5. This table with data is present

    My question is, what is the point of this hardlink backup..?


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