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What happens to vertica when my node shuts down

What happens to vertica when my node shuts down, for instance, I issue a 'reboot'. On RH7, it looks like my vertica process just gets killed when vertica_agent shuts down? Is it ok to just reboot a node, or should I first shutdown the vertica process, and if so, what is the safe way to do this?


  • Jim_KnicelyJim_Knicely Administrator
    edited October 2021

    When you shut down (i.e. reboot) a node every process - including Vertica - shuts down! :)

    The Database "Restart Policy" enables you to determine whether or not nodes in a K-Safe database are automatically restarted when they are rebooted.

    See: Setting the Restart Policy

    The node will recover once it's restarted.

    See: Failure Recovery

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