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eon performance

I am using vertica 10 - community edition, 1 node, aws.
I migrated my db to eon.
Unfortunately, the writing speed is halved. The reading speed in affected only when the query is executed the 1st time.
I allocated enough space in the depot location and pinned the most used tables, enabled UseDepotForWrites, UseDepotForReads.
Did anyone have the issue and managed to solve ?
Thank you!


  • SruthiASruthiA Vertica Employee Employee

    How are you measuring write performance?

  • I use the query_requests table and an own table where is stored the duration of each phase of me application. In this 2nd table I have stored durations for the same phases when vertica9.3 was used, and when vertica10+eon is used.

  • vcarusivcarusi
    edited November 2021

    It seems that the InitPlan phase lasts around 2-3 min.

    Any idea ?

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