Vertica not restarting smoothly

veerkumarveerkumar Vertica Customer
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Every time i restart the Vertica, It gives error image1 even when no user is connected. It always restarts when we kill the vertica process forcefully on all the nodes e.g: option Stop Vertica on Host.
Since this is new installation Vertica10, could you please help what am i doing wrong ?
We have the old environment with vertica 8, but that is running fine and we can restart old production smoothly.

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    Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator
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    Are you sure no users are connected, including MC and admintools itself? Check by running SELECT * FROM SESSIONS;
    If you are certain there are no active users or queries, stop with SQL query

    or command line

    admintools -t stop_db -d -p -i -F


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