How to delete VMart example database in vertica dockerized version

vaishnavav99vaishnavav99 Community Edition User

I have tried to delete VMart example DB both from admin panel as well as using script
But when ever the container restarts the VMart data base respawns.
Can someone help me with this.
Thanks in Advance


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    marcothesanemarcothesane - Select Field - Administrator

    I take it that you took the docker image from the Docker hub, in that case.

    That docker image always creates a Vertica database from scratch, and populates it with the tables of the VMart example.

    Both the operations you describe drop the database.

    With the script, you keep the docker image - with the Vertica software, but your database ceases to exist.


    • find all tables that belong to the VMart schema, for example, with the command vsql -c "\dt *.*", and drop them.


    • on the docker image without the Vertica database, run: admintools, as user dbadmin. In the appearing menu, go to Configuration Menu, there, select "Create Database", and follow the instructions there.
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    vaishnavav99vaishnavav99 Community Edition User

    I have tried the same, I have created a new database, and stopped Vmart, started the new DB. Then deleted Vmart DB but once the container restarts, I find Vmart to be running and the new DB to be in stopped status.

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    vaishnavav99vaishnavav99 Community Edition User

    I've been through this again, and I was able to figure out what I was missing.
    The docker-entrypoint.sh by default starts VMart DB which is passed as an environment variable.
    To resolve this we can either modify the environment variable or update the docker-entrypoint.sh script.

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    TLinde6TLinde6 Community Edition User

    Thanks for the answer @vaishnavav99

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