Difference between rebalance and reorganize of a table

Need to make changes to MaxMrgOutROSSizeMB, for this to take effect the table needs to be rebalanced, but the "workload analyzer" has also suggested that the table is reorganized.
What is the difference between the 2 commands, will both a rebalance and reorganize need to be run?


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    Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator

    A "rebalance" moves data across nodes to match segmentation clause.
    A "reorganization" moves data to different partitions on the same node to match partition clause.
    I think only "rebalance" is necessary in this case since there's no need to move data between nodes or between partitions, you just need to trigger TM to split containers once. A quick way to verify would be to pick a table with a few very large containers and run REBALANCE_TABLE on that table, then check storage_containers system table to verify whether the ROS files were split.

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