Unmatched result in Data Prep 10.x course.

Hello everybody,

May I ask you guys, has anybody completed this course? I'm having some problems at Part 6 when the query result doesn't match the answer in Knowledge Check at all.
I don't know if anyone else have ever met that before, so if you do know the problem, could you guys help me with it?

I'm very appreciated for that. Also have a nice day everyone.


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    VValdarVValdar Vertica Employee Employee

    Hi Minh_Tan_Tran,

    I completed this course a month ago - I did send a mail to the team for some issues I found in chapter 9 and 10 but nothing on the chapter 6.
    Were you able to finish it?
    You can send a mail to the Vertica Academy team if you feel there is something wrong, they'll look into it.

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