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Vertica Managament Console host domain name change



I have changed hostname for management console.
I can access MC with new URL, but my issue is that whenever I start up the MC, then I can see this old hostname in log files.

Please open the Vertica Management Console at https://vertica-mc.old.domain:5450/webui

Let's say, I have changed domain name to "new.domain".

Where and how can I change this setting..?




  • Bryan_HBryan_H Administrator

    This should be set by system DNS at startup. Can you run "hostname -A" on the MC host and let us know whether the DNS name is old domain or new domain?

  • raulk89raulk89
    edited June 10

    hostname -A

    So all should be good. I have rebooted this MC host as well..


  • raulk89raulk89
    edited June 10

    I have tried also:

    grep -ri "vertica-mc.old.domain" /opt/vconsole/

    And I only find log files there.


  • raulk89raulk89
    edited June 10

    Ok, seems like all good now.

    Before I had changed hostname from the actual MC host, and added new host record to DNS as well. So DNS had 2 records (both old and new).


    And "hostname -A" gives all the names in round robin. So there may be times when during startup the "old.domain" name was picked.

    I thought it will use host name instead of DNS names.

    But yeah, when I remove the old.domain record, then all is good.



  • raulk89raulk89
    edited June 17

    Also, can you confirm that the domain name change is the same for the single node vertica database host as well..?
    Or there I need to do some additional tasks..?

    E: For any of you wondering, usually there is no additional tasks needed to change vertica database OS hostname.


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