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How to install vertica 11.0 on ubuntu 20.04

Need steps to install vertica11.0 on ubuntu 20.04


  • moshegmosheg Administrator
    edited July 11

    Please follow the detailed instructions and OS settings requirements as shown here:

    Here is a high level summary:
    1. Install the package as user root or sudo: sudo dpkg -i pathname

    1. Run the following as user root or sudo to install Vertica on all nodes:
      /opt/vertica/sbin/install_vertica --hosts host_list --rpm package_name --dba-user dba_username

    2. Create the needed directories for data and Catalog:
      mkdir /your_data_dir
      mkdir /your_catalog_dir
      chmod 700 /your_data_dir
      chmod 700 /your_catalog_dir
      chown dbadmin:verticadba /your_data_dir
      chown dbadmin:verticadba /your_catalog_dir

    3. Create the Database:
      /opt/vertica/bin/admintools -t create_db \
      -s nodeIP1,nodeIP2,nodeIP3 \
      -d your_db_name \
      -c /your_catalog_dir \
      -D /your_data_dir \
      -l /file_path/your_license_file_name

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