Missing RHEL Listings in AWS

To all concerned,
We have been notified that AWS has removed the RHEL listings for Micro Focus Vertica from the AWS marketplace overnight in error. We are currently working with AWS to determine the issue, and get the listing reinstated. For customers that have already deployed Micro Focus Vertica on RHEL from the marketplace, AWS states you are unaffected, and can continue spinning up new instances on the RHEL based AMIs. We apologize for this inconvenience, and hope to have it rectified quickly.



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    I'm happy to report that as of this morning, the RHEL based Vertica listings in the AWS marketplace are again available with the release of Vertica 12.0.1-0. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this hiccup might have caused, and are continuing to work with the AWS release team to ensure that doesn't happen again.

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    Hi @cdaly1970 , looks like the RHEL support is still at 7.5x. There are some critical security vulnerabilities with the RHEL 7.5, is there any plan to release with RHEL 8.x . Appreciate your response.

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    Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator
    edited October 2023

    Hi @fpdsvertica , RHEL 8.x is supported from 10.0.x to current 23.3.x releases. Please see the current support matrix at https://docs.vertica.com/23.3.x/en/supported-platforms/server-and-mc/ (edit) As a workaround, you can deploy instances running RHEL 8.x and install Vertica manually. I will check internally when we plan to release an updated marketplace listing and new AMI running an up to date RHEL version.

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    Thank you @cdaly1970 for the info, appreciate if you could provide any additional information on when its going to be available in the market place.

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