yamakawayamakawa Vertica Customer


The following commands are executed in a script to start Vertica.

admintools -t start_db -d DBNAME -p DBPASSWD

This time, the startup failed, and after checking the logs, it appears that the reason is that it took a long time to start.
Therefore, I am considering specifying the --timeout option to the admintools command, but how many is the default value of timeout to begin with?
If you know how to check, please respond.


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    Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator

    According to the admintools help:

    -i, --noprompts do not stop and wait for user input(default false). Setting this implies a timeout of 20 min.

    Have you also checked startup.log and bootstrap-catalog.log in the catalog folder to ensure there were no other issues during startup?

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