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How to get column sizes for single daily partition


System view COLUMNS gives sizes of columns for whole table.

I am trying to find size of columns for single daily partition (before daily partitions grouped into monthly or yearly by GROUP BY).

I am pretty sure I need to use low-level system views VS_* to get this info.

I look through system views definitions and I cannot figure it out.

Would you mind to post here how to get size of columns per partition per table.

A big bonus would be if I can find size of columns for a partition group (monthly or yearly), but probably it is too much to ask.

Thank you.

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  • edited January 3

    That is exactly what I need.
    Column group_partition_key is great! I am not sure why it is not present in PARTITIONS table, that is definitely oversight.

    Will try to use it, will let you know how it goes.

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