Issue with Vertica native Power BI Connector

jaydensjaydens Vertica Customer
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It looks like there is an issue with the Power BI Vertica Connector.

We are able to connect to Vertica using ODBC in Power BI. However, on the same machines, we're not able to using when using the native connector in Power BI. We get the following error:

"ODBC: ERROR [08001] [Vertica][VerticaDSII] (160) Connection attempt
failed: could not send SSL negotiation packet: Socket is not connected

This presents a problem, because we need to use the native connector, so we can take advantage of DirectQuery (ODBC is import only).

We are on Vertica version v10.1.1-14. This occurs for all of our machines.


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    Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator

    Please open a support case if possible. If not, let us know more details, such as where Vertica is deployed and whether connection load balancing is enabled on client or server settings.

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