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METADATA POOL - Insufficient resources

federicofederico Community Edition User

Hi guys
I'm here to ask another question.

We have a Vertica Analytic Database v9.0.1-0 , 4 core , 32 gb of ram, default configured

Recently adding Jasper Reports , we are experiencing some error:
Insufficient resources to execute plan on pool general [Request Too Large:Memory(KB) Exceeded: Requested = 11019591, Free = 8341237 (Limit = 8369909, Used = 28672)]**

From this error I assuming that I'm requesting 11gb of data , the general pool has 8341237 KB free.(memory_size_actual_kb-memory_inuse_kb -->8369909-28672 )

What I don't undestand , is that :
If our Vertica is configured to take up to 95% of memory , why I have only 8 gb available?
Another strange behaviour is that METADATA POOL takes 20 gb.

So my questions are, why metadata pool takes 20gb ? What contains metadata pool ?
Can I shrink the metadata pool and reduce it space ? Can I face some errore reducing it space ?

In our Vertica used for test purpose (vertica 12), I set this configuration

select SET_CONFIG_PARAMETER( 'EnableMetadataMemoryTracking', 0)

What I see from this operation is that once I have done it , Metadata pool reduced to zero , and general pool acquired more space. But explanation in Vertica Doc/Community/Web about this topic are close to zero.
Vertica doc says the following

If I reboot Vertica , the metadata pool reduces and it reduces also the catalog size.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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