sftp site - allowed for partners?

I am working with an Opentext (Micro Focus) ITOM partner - the ITOM products ship certain patch level versions of vertica on their SLD sites however the partner would like to install a more recent (10.1.1-26) patch level and they do not have access to the sftp site. I also do not have the current password. The recent patch announcements all seem to say this:
"Customer SFTP site. If you need location and credentials SFTP site, please contact Vertica Technical support via the customer portal at https://portal.microfocus.com/."
however when I go onto https://portal.microfocus.com there is no obvious vertica contact available and when I click on the "Contact Support" button at the bottom right of the home page the link fails with a 504 Gateway Time-out.
Two questions: 1) Isn't there some Opentext-internal-only web page we can go to to get the latest sftp patches password? 2) How would an ITOM partner obtain the latest vertica patch for their customers who have the ITOM-vertica entitlement but no separate Vertica access on SLD?


  • HibikiHibiki Vertica Employee Employee

    The customers can download all available hotfixes from SLD now. We stopped using the SFTP site to publish the hotfixes. If the hotfix the customers want to download is not listed, they can raise a support ticket to get help.

  • Thank you very much for the reply Hibiki! Yes customers who buy Vertica directly are able to access the SLD downloads for their Vertica entitlement, however the way it works with ITOM products (such as Operations Bridge and OPTIC Data Lake) is that customer have the entitlement specific to the ITOM product, not Vertica, and ITOM puts only one single vertica rpm into the customer download site for each of our releases. Therefore, our ITOM customers and partners do not have access to Vertica patches. I suppose what needs to happen is to either (as you suggest) raise a support call (ITOM Support can raise Vertica Support calls), or I as an Opentext employee can use the internal license site to obtain a vertica entitlement then I could reach the Vertica SLD downloads and thru that grab a vertica patch, which I would then need to put on some (mfts ftp-pro for example) site for the partner to download. Either way it is a little more complex than it used to be.

  • HibikiHibiki Vertica Employee Employee

    I completely understand this situation. Thank you for your feedback. We should discuss internally what we can do now (or after the integration with OT systems). Please let me talk with the product management team about it. Meanwhile, please download the hotfixes using the alternative ways.

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