Kafka Ssl

ilanr1ilanr1 Community Edition User
Producer send messages on kafka that configured as ssl.
When i want to send messages via Java producer i'm getting "Topic not present in metadata after...".
What is wrong ? How can i track it ?.
Kafka logs are clean even when i raise the log level...


  • Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator

    Can you be more specific on the error message? What component or log file shows the error, and what is the complete error text?
    What version of Vertica is installed?

  • ilanr1ilanr1 Community Edition User
    Hi , Kafka was installed by me on a linux machine.
    No Vertica there.
    Kafka is configured as Ssl and it's working from the console , producer and consumer are fine.
    From my Java code my Java Producer is getting the error above.

    What is wrong ?.
    My java producer parameters are exact as in the console...

    I heard that i can test it with openssl command ?.


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