Error on loading SQL geography type column into Vertica

MalavikaMalavika Community Edition User

I was trying to convert latitude and longitude columns which is in float type to geography type in SQL and then load them into Vertica table. I used the following code to convert the columns into geography type:

_CASE WHEN (Latitude IS NOT NULL AND Longitude IS NOT NULL) THEN geography::Point(Latitude, Longitude, 4326) ELSE NULL END AS Coordinates
But while trying to load the data from SQL to Vertica column which is in geography type, I get the following error:

_ ERROR: COPY: Input record 1 has been rejected (Row [1] rejected due to materialized type error on column: [Coordinates] with value: [POINT (-96.8922825 33.08097)].)
Is the geography type in SQL and Vertica different? If so how can I convert it?


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