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sreeblrsreeblr - Select Field - Employee

when i click on and type vertica doesnt show any details and status shows loading -is there any new site post opentext migration . was checking if vertica has new versions 12.1


  • moshegmosheg Vertica Employee Administrator
    edited June 2023

    To find the latest or upcoming version for Vertica, you can follow these steps:
    Visit the Product Support Lifecycle page.
    Enter "vertica" in the "Product Search" field.
    The search results will display the status for Product Release, Release Date, and Current Maintenance Ends date for each version.

    The version numbers for Vertica follow the Opentext convention, starting with two digits of the year.
    As it is shown currently at the Product Support Lifecycle page, after the current version 12.0.4, the Release Date for Vertica version 23.3 is scheduled for 05 Jul 2023.
    Note that this information is subject to change without notice.

    Additionally, you can refer to the Documentation page for Vertica.
    There, you will find the Release Notes document, which contains information about the latest version.
    Look for the latest version mentioned in the Contents paragraph of the Release Notes document.

  • sreeblrsreeblr - Select Field - Employee

    @mosheg appreciate your valuable inputs. Since our environments are on 11.1 version will it make sense to upgrade to 12.0.x or 23.3 since both are valid till 7/31/24 . I can even stay on 11.1 till 5/31/2024 and then upgrade to the latest version available which has 2 year lifecycle . Asking since surprisingly 23.3 is released in 7/5/23 but valid for 1 year only unlike vertica lifecyle policy of 2 years

  • moshegmosheg Vertica Employee Administrator

    As mentioned in another thread Version 23.3 is listed as part of 12.x which was released on September 1, 2022.
    For the 12.x series the Current Maintenance Ends on July 31, 2024.
    You may want to consider upgrading to Version 23.3 when it becomes available, as it introduces new features and bug fixes.

  • sreeblrsreeblr - Select Field - Employee

    @mosheg thanks got it, so 23.3 is more like 12.0.5 . any idea when vertica will release next version which will be valid beyond 2024 .

  • Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator

    @sreeblr We should get more official guidance on product releases and lifecycle at the upcoming OpenText OKO/SKO meetings in mid-July. Of if we don't, I will ask because my customers also want support through 2024 and beyond.

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