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How can I update ADO.NET Driver to version 23.3?

joergschaberjoergschaber Vertica Customer
edited August 9 in General Discussion


in our Windows solution I updated the Vertica ADO.NET driver to version 23.3.0 using the nuget package.
Now I get errors running our tests:
The type initializer for 'Vertica.Data.VerticaClient.VerticaLogProperties' threw an exception. ---> System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object..

Apparently, the driver does not find/load the Vertica.Data.dll.config file.
According to documentation, the driver should create the config file when it is first used. However, it doesn't.
So I created it myself and located it in the same directory as Vertica.Data.dll, but the error still occurs.
Any idea what the problem migt be?


  • joergschaberjoergschaber Vertica Customer

    Ok, I got it working.
    I had to create the Vertica.Data.dll.config by hand and add it to the project manually.
    Moreover, it needed an additional line:

    <add key="Logging.CheckedRegistrySettings" value="true" />

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