Verica Write Operation from Spark not working

Hi Team,

I want to write a data frame in vertica table through spark. I have the following options:

1: Using Spark Vertica connector I get the error :
py4j.protocol.Py4JJavaError: An error occurred while calling
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.lang.String.isBlank()Z
This can be due to the version im using , my versions are :
Spark : Spark 3.3.1
Vertica : Vertica Analytic Database v9.2.1-28
Java : openjdk version "1.8.0_372"

2: Using JDBC : I tried with many JDBC drivers Im always able to read the table but when I perform the write operation it gives me error :
java.sql.SQLFeatureNotSupportedException: [Vertica]JDBC Driver does not support this optional feature.
Code : df.write \
.jdbc(jdbc_url, table_name, mode="append", properties=properties)

3: vertica_python Im able to write the data into table using INSERT into command but I don't want to do this as I have huge dataframe and want to load the data in batch

Let me know if anyone has idea how to connect vertica with spark


  • VValdarVValdar Vertica Employee Employee
    edited September 2023

    Hi haidernaveed_100,

    Vertica 9.2 is a five year old version.
    The spark connector asks for at least Vertica 10.1.1 (which is already a two and half year old version):

    Getting Started
    To get started with using the connector, we'll need to make sure all the prerequisites are in place. These are:

    • Vertica (10.1.1-0 or higher)
    • Spark (3.0.0 or higher)
    • An HDFS cluster or HDFS-compatible filesystem (S3, Google Cloud Storage, etc), for use as an intermediary between Spark and Vertica
    • A Spark application, either running locally for quick testing, or running on a Spark cluster. If using S3, Spark must be using hadoop 3.3

    I would start there first!

  • Bryan_HBryan_H Vertica Employee Administrator
    edited September 2023

    java.lang.String.isBlank() method was added in Java 11. You'll need a newer runtime. (edit) This is fixed in source (issue#534( but not in a release build.

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