Change COPY default behaviour to ABORT ON ERROR

Vertica COPY command by default ignore 100 errors in single load, either for single record or source.
This is legacy of very early Vertica days, when Stonebraker show this feature to prospective clients as one of Vertica selling points.
It is actually a very offensive behaviour, especially for beginner users. Vertica by default silently ignore some input data, leaving users very confused.
I know about this Vertica feature, and in all load commands I am adding ABORT ON ERROR.
I had to explain to beginner users million times what should be done to detect bad syntax on input data and not to ignore errors in input data.
Can we address issue - by default COPY command should fail on any error.
Please send to product management team suggestion - add database parameter, something like "default_abort_on_error" (default false). If set to true, change COPY command behaviour to fail on any error in input data. That will keep by default compatibility with legacy setting, and allow to change it if desired.
I will force ABORT ON ERROR on any load in all my databases, and will forget about this legacy problem.
Thank you

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